Why greens benefit your liver and your soul
Spring is the season of greens

The change in seasons means I get to enjoy more fresh nutrient-dense goodness of greens such as spinach, kale, and Swiss chard. 

Spring is the ideal time to introduce these power-packed vegetables to your diet; it’s nature’s time of rebirth, and the greens that grow now are designed to rejuvenate and cleanse your body after the winter season of slowing down and eating warmer, heavier foods.

The list of beneficial properties offered by greens is long and includes:

-improving circulation
-promoting healthy gut flora
-improving liver function
-strengthening the immune system
-clearing congestion because greens have drying properties

Here is a list of calcium-rich greens:
-cooked beet greens
-dandelion greens
-turnip greens

Try a variety of methods such as steaming, boiling, sautéing in oil, water sautéing, waterless cooking or lightly pickling, as in a pressed salad. Boiling makes greens plump and relaxed. Boil for less than a minute so the nutrients in the greens don’t get lost in the water. If you’re using organic greens, drink the cooking water as a health-giving broth or tea! Steaming makes greens more fibrous and tight, which is great if you’re trying to lose weight. Raw salad is also a wonderful preparation for greens. It’s refreshing, cooling, and supplies live enzymes. Get into the habit of adding the following leafy green veggies to your daily diet, and notice what happens to your energy levels, your complexion, and your waistline. If you have some garden space, why not try growing your own?

What does gut health have to do with it?

Along with the garden in your backyard, there’s also a “garden” in your gut, and it’s comprised of a complex network of trillions of microorganisms that work together to help you maintain vibrant health and achieve weight loss. This is because of their influence on metabolism, appetite regulation, energy expenditure, endocrine regulation, inflammation, and insulin resistance. In fact, the influence is so strong that studies show that imbalanced gut flora may contribute to obesity.

To prime your gut to work with nature and help reboot your system—and replenish your microflora, load up on leafy greens.

An exciting discovery out of Australia suggests that due to an unusual sugar molecule found in them (sugar sulfoquinovose, or SQ), leafy greens are essential for feeding good gut bacteria. SQ evidently limits the ability of harmful bacteria to colonize the gut by shutting them out of the prime “real estate.”

Your Healthiest Option
As always, I recommend you purchase ORGANIC fruit and vegetables as they are better for your health (and the health of the environment)! If it’s not in your budget to do this, consult the EWG Dirty Dozen list and prioritize buying organic for these fruits and veggies—they are the ones sprayed with the highest amount of pesticides.

To your good health,


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