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With the Toxin Takedown 14 Day Transformation, you’ll reduce your exposure to many of the harmful chemicals in our food, drinking water, air, personal care products, and cleaning products. You’ll discover new ways of thinking and new ways of interacting with your loved ones, and your environment. After 2 weeks, you will have a better understanding on how to strengthen your body and avoid everyday chemical exposures.

As a board member of EWG, I am proud to support and serve the Environmental Working Group. EWG’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, EWG drives consumer choice and civic action. You’ll get to experience some of EWG’s best resources in this 14 day challenge, Toxin Takedown.

Enroll Today in partnership with The Environment Working Group, EWG


mouthwatering clean eating recipes plus a 2-week cleanse menu.


produce samples in 2013 contained pesticide residues.*

*tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture


fruits and vegetables you NEED to buy organic.

You receive instant access to the online Toxin Takedown resource page, where you’ll find everything you need to get started right away, including ebook and worksheet downloads, recipes, and access to the private Facebook group.

Cleanse Menu + Recipes

No need to think about what to eat—we’ve laid out 2 weeks of meals with recipes included in this 42-page cleanse menu. Simplify your life and clear your pantry of toxins with this useful guide

Ebook + Worksheets

Download these materials for the best results! The ebook features helpful “Avoid” and “Action” lists and the 7 worksheets are chock full of quizzes, checklists, and cheat sheets to help you detox your body, mind, and environment

Daily Emails

Think of this as your virtual cheerleader—and taskmaster! You’ll not only receive valuable prep emails outlining what to expect, but you’ll get a daily email for 14 days with action items that correspond with your ebook

Group Support

There’s strength in numbers! Over at our private Facebook group (only for paid participants), you’ll get support from others in the community. Karen will also connect with you here via Q&As and live videos

Enroll Today in partnership with The Environment Working Group, EWG

Expect to get 4 days of prep emails followed by 2 straight weeks of daily emails, and 3 follow-up check-in emails throughout your 14 Day Transformation. That’s a total of 21 content-rich messages! Here’s an advance look at your daily topics:




Personal Care Products

Water Quality

Positive Thoughts

Healthy Cleaners

Toxin Checkist

Essential Oils

Air quality



Electromagnetic Frequency

Celebrate Success

Enroll Today in partnership with The Environment Working Group, EWG


valuable prompts to detox your thoughts.


questions to answer in the “My Toxic Body Burden” quiz.


off of Metagenics supplements.

I’m confused about how to make the most of my 14 Day Transformation. Who do I reach out to with questions?2019-02-19T20:08:11+00:00

We highly recommend that our cleanse participants become members of our private Facebook group so they can benefit from the group support that they’ll find alongside others who have gone through a similar experience. Karen also posts live videos on her Instagram and Facebook pages. If you crave more accountability and 1:1 support, you can click here to book a private 90- minute health coaching session with Karen. For additional questions, please email Support@KarenMalkin.com.

How much prep time will it take for me to get started with the cleanse?2019-02-19T20:09:53+00:00

On your selected start day, you will receive 4 days of prep emails with specific things to do each day to get yourself set up for success! Prep emails include a resource page, guidelines, recipes, and lifestyle tips to enhance your experience. At the very least, set aside an hour to read and familiarize yourself with the Resource Hub. These resources are your to keep!

Can I expect to lose weight on this cleanse?2018-08-24T08:57:28+00:00

Most participants do lose weight as they transition to a clean, whole-foods diet for 2 weeks and crowd out inflammatory processed food, sugar, and alcohol. For best weight-loss results, we recommend you continue this way of eating after the 14 days are complete.

Does my purchase give me lifetime access?2018-12-09T15:12:08+00:00

Yes! You may keep the daily e-mails and have access to our Facebook community for as long as we continue to run these programs on our website.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to do the program? Is it refundable?2018-08-24T09:00:30+00:00

We will provide a full refund within 48 hours of your chosen start date.

Do I need to get my doctor’s approval before starting this cleanse?2018-08-24T08:58:29+00:00

If you have any health concerns, we always recommend checking in with your physician before embarking on your 14 Day Transformation, but it’s ultimately your decision.

Can I do this cleanse if I’m carrying a lot of extra weight?2018-08-24T08:58:47+00:00

You can take it at the pace that feels most comfortable to you. You’ll likely notice you’re feeling embodied and motivated to continue with your new healthy lifestyle changes even after your 2 weeks are complete!

Start Your Path To Wellness For Only

14 Day Transformation with 21 Days of Support

Personal Online Hub With Access to Videos, Guides & More

Empowerment From Feeling Transformed

The Foundations – $295

Create the groundwork for building a lasting healthy lifestyle. We will cover what, why, and how to eat so you can understand your cravings and learn to feed your body what it needs. This program is great for anyone who is new to my programs. It will build a solid foundation for personal growth and development. You will enjoy three meals each day plus one snack, focus on self-care, while avoiding potential toxic food triggers such as gluten, dairy and sugar. You will feel empowered to make yourself and your health a priority. The Foundations is recommended as a pre-requisite for any of the specialized programs below.

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Master Your Metabolism – $49

Environmental chemical toxins are linked to every health condition such as weight gain, diabetes, infertility, thyroid disease, cancers, neurological conditions and developmental disorders. This program will support, educate and empower you to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in your daily life with simple changes you will make each day for two weeks. This program includes an e-book guide around body, mind and environment, resource page, recipes, checklists and videos.

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