FROM THE FOREWORD BY ANDREW WEIL, MD ~ For 20 years, Dr. Sandy Newmark has specialized in successfully treating children diagnosed as having ADHD usingmethods other than psychostimulant medications. Now he has put his best advice into this book for all parents, educators and other physicians to read.He explains how to treat the whole child, not just the symptoms of ADHD, using safe and natural methods. For any child diagnosed with ADHD, even those already taking medication, this book will prove invaluable for their health, happiness, and success. I strongly recommend this book to all parents, relatives, and friends of children with ADHD, as well as the teachers, doctors, and other professionals who work with them. Before going to the pharmacy, we can use an integrative approach to help these children succeed and fulfill their true potential. Dr. Newmark tells us just how to do that. ~ Excerpted from book’s foreword by the renowned Dr. Andrew Weil.