Whether you’re looking to lose those last 10-15 lbs., lower cholesterol, kick sugar, balance hormones, or double your energy, what you eat can make a huge difference! The evidence-based programs below have changed my life as well as hundreds of my clients around the world. In all of my programs, each session builds on the last. By the end of our work together, you will look—and feel—completely different than you do right now.

14 Day Transformations

We offer three 2-week cleanses to meet you wherever you’re at in your wellness journey: Foundations, Master Your Metabolism, and Toxin Takedown

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Private Coaching/Brain Health

For those who seek extra support, we offer the deep-dive experience of private, 1:1 coaching with Karen either conducted in her office or virtually

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Corporate Initiatives

Whether you’re in need of a simple Lunch & Learn or a 6- to 12-month-long integrative wellness program for your employees, we’ve got you covered

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Speaking Engagements

As a seasoned speaker and panel member for health-related symposiums and wellness conferences, Karen is available to present at your next event

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Join one of several 14 Day Transformation programs designed to help you dig deeper into areas of particular interest for you, providing a personalized experience. Detoxification is something your body is doing every day. However, modern living with poor lifestyle choices and a sea of chemicals and food additives has made it difficult for our bodies to eliminate toxins resulting in fatigue, poor skin, digestive issues, weight gain, and poor sleep. Harness the power of food to and allow yourself to live a life of vitality and strength. Use food as medicine and enhance the entire body, mind, and spirit. Whether you want to lose weight, boost energy, eliminate toxins from your body and environment, improve brain health, or learn how to incorporate nutritional strategies into the executive lifestyle, my 14 Day programs can help you achieve these goals without counting calories or restricting portion size.

Each Program Includes:

  • 21 days of e-mail support from Karen essential to learning more about your area of interest
  • Transformation guidelines and review of your health goals
  • Exclusive access to a program specific, private webpage that includes:
  • Recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • Educational handouts and tips relevant for your Transformation
  • Prep video
  • Transformation Smoothie instructional video
  • Private Facebook page for community support and direct questions to Karen
  • Additional resources
  • The Foundations includes a Wellness bag: 14 day supply of MCTlean™ Vegan Protein Blend, MCTlean™ MCT Oil, 1 box of Karen’s Transformation bars
  • Note: Master Your Metabolism and Toxin Takedown do not include a Wellness bag, but are available for purchase

The Foundations (VIP Experience) – $295

Create the groundwork for building a lasting healthy lifestyle with 1:1 sessions with me. I recommend everyone start with The Foundations, where I’ll hold your hand every step of the way and send you a wellness bag to jumpstart your success.  We will cover what, why, and how to eat so you can understand your cravings and learn to feed your body what it needs. This program is great for anyone who is new to my programs. It will build a solid foundation for personal growth and development. You will enjoy three meals each day plus one snack, focus on self-care, while avoiding potential toxic food triggers such as gluten, dairy, and sugar. You will feel empowered to make yourself and your health a priority. The Foundations is recommended as a prerequisite for any of the specialized programs that follow.

*Wellness Bag is included in fee.

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Master Your Metabolism (Virtual Program) – $49

Lose weight and boost metabolism through the elimination of potential toxic triggers such gluten, dairy, and sugar with an emphasis on self-care and self-awareness. You will introduce your body to ketosis, new exercise routines, and learn how to make protein, carbs, and fiber your friend.

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Toxin Takedown (Virtual Program) – $49

Environmental chemical toxins are linked to every health condition such as weight gain, diabetes, infertility, thyroid disease, cancers, neurological conditions and developmental disorders. This program will support, educate and empower you to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in your daily life with simple changes you will make each day for two weeks. This program includes an e-book guide around body, mind and environment, resource page, recipes, checklists and videos.

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Improving the quality of your life often begins with taking steps to improve your health. Accountability and extra 1:1 support can make the difference between remaining stuck in your ways and adopting the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of…. That’s what you get with my exclusive, customized private coaching experience. In this confidential session with me, we’ll work together to develop a detailed plan to quickly move you towards your health goals.

What’s Included

During the coaching session, we will work together to:

  • Review your complete health history
  • Articulate your vision and what is most important to you in life
  • Explore core areas that affect your health and wellbeing
  • Focus on areas that need attention
  • Create SMART goals for your health and wellbeing
  • Outline action steps to achieve your goals

What to Expect and Pricing

  • Structured one-on-one support from Karen
  • Email support in-between sessions
  • Appointments in person or via phone / Skype / FaceTime
  • Initial consultations are 90 minutes for $295, paid upfront, online
  • Options for followup appointments include a 25-minute session for $75 and a 50-minute session for $150, invoiced after each session
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Mounting evidence shows that corporate wellness programs not only improve employees’ health outcomes, but they also reduce employers’ health care costs, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. These programs are a win-win for companies invested in the wellbeing of their teams as well as the health of their bottom-line. With techniques to reduce stress and improve lifestyle habits at its core, Karen can build a program custom-tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Lunch and Learn – $1,500

In these 60-minute sessions, we’ll explore a topic that will leave employees feeling empowered to improve their health.

  • Assessment of your organization’s wellness needs
  • In-person education with Q & A
  • 4 weeks of email support + online resources
  • Topics include: Food Freedom, Stress-Less!, Mindfulness + Movement, Toxins 101, Vision Mapping, and more….
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Half Day Session – $2,500

With 4 hours dedicated to your wellness topic of choice, your team members will receive an immersive, interactive experience.

  • Custom presentations for different roles on your team
  • Printed materials provided
  • C–suite specialized coaching
  • Travel to you to work with your employees
  • 4 weeks of email support + online resources
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Full Day Session – $4,500

A full day deep-dive on one or more topics can make a lasting impact for employee wellness and morale.

  • Custom presentations for different roles on your team
  • Printed materials provided
  • C–suite specialized coaching
  • Travel to you to work with your employees
  • Healthy lunch provided
  • 4 weeks of email support + online resources
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From conducting radio interviews to sitting on panels at holistic health conferences to emceeing large philanthropic events for integrative health organizations, I love nothing more than spreading the important message of wellness. Let me work with you directly to craft a talk that will inspire your audience.

Game Changing Speaker

As a keynote speaker, my goal is to captivate your group. I…

  • Specialize in addressing small- to medium-sized crowds (10-150 people)
  • Present in an animated, engaging fashion
  • Draw on a decade of full-time work in integrative health coaching
  • Deliver an original talk that addresses the needs of your community
  • Provide complementary visuals/multimedia presentation (upon request)
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Popular Topics

  • Integrative Health: The Future Is Collaborative
  • What’s Your Gut Got to Do with It? The Magical Microbiome
  • Stress & 21st Century Life: Techniques to Tame the Beast
  • Vision Mapping Your Way to Vibrant Health
  • Reframing Food: A Nourishing Exercise
  • Clean Up & Green Up: Takedown Toxins
  • Chronic Disease Management 101: Inflammation IQ
  • Fat as Fuel: Metabolism Master Class
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