My work with clients and health professionals has given me an endless supply of joy and satisfaction. I am very fortunate and humbled by the compliments I receive for simply doing the work I love.

"Prior to working with Karen, I led the life of a college student, passionate for both my studies and a fun social life. Constantly overextending myself through academics, social activities, and as co-president of a club, I often felt out of balance and unhappy with my weight. Although working out was a daily routine, I felt as though I struggled to lose weight and had constant digestive issues. Such a high-speed life often caused me to eat mindlessly, quickly, and most of time in front of the TV or computer screen. When meeting with Karen for the first time, I told her I wanted to feel the way I felt after eating spinach and sweet potatoes -- as though I was feeding my body good nutrients, vitamins and fuel to operate at this high frequency. After working with Karen, I realized eating should be just as much a priority as my studies, social life, and working out. I took pleasure in cooking a delicious meal, and often made a point to sit down without a million distractions to mindfully enjoy my meals. Not only did I feel more in balance, but I also learned my body type and the kinds of foods that will help me feel like a healthy, balanced, and strong individual. Furthermore, working with Karen taught me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, and set me on a life path towards a more complete health and happiness!"

- J.G.

"When I first met Karen, I had been seeking out a way to feel better physically. My weight had been yo-yo-ing since I was 13 years old, and I had never had any luck getting control. Karen has helped me to stop focusing on the 'control' issue, and helped me focus on treating myself with loving care; and doing this through eating good, high quality, healthy food and taking care of my mind and body as well. Karen has worked her way into my head. I have begun to naturally go to the 'good' food, not craving the junk food I once did. I can truly recommend Karen as I have had success for the first time in my life with really feeling healthy, physically and emotionally."

- B.F.

"Karen is a tremendous resource who can help almost anyone improve their nutrition and adopt other easy methods for better health. She is incredibly knowledgeable, a wonderful listener and a person who cares passionately about people's well-being and their choices. Before I met Karen, I knew some of the ways I could improve my nutrition and reduce stress, but I certainly did not know all or even most of them, and certainly not the best ways to do it. Through some very minor nutritional changes, I lowered my "bad carbohydrate" intake and lost a good belt size or two while retaining and even improving my energy levels. I look forward to getting the mail each day because there's often an interesting package from Karen that includes healthy snacks, books, DVDs and even homemade (very healthy) treats. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is bewildered about all the healthy food books on the market and wants to understand some basic steps to take toward a healthier lifestyle."

- M.K.

"… just talking to Karen made me feel good. She is very positive and just refreshing, I always feel so much better about myself after seeing her! …she provided me with tips and tools to think about, especially when dining out, to provide for a healthier lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Karen."

- K.U.

"As a physician for 32 years, I was hopeful but somewhat skeptical that Karen's coaching would make a significant difference in my life, but after five short months of working with her I feel the best I have felt in years. I've gone from assuming I'd just keep crossing things off the list that I could no longer do to hoping to run my first 5K race this year. I've given up the idea of dieting and meds to try and get back in shape and believe in the ability to change your health through a diet and lifestyle. Karen's counseling and encouragement were crucial to my success. Her scientific approach to nutritional and health issues took away my doubts. Her positive, regular conversations kept me on goal. I personally feel she may have saved the rest of my life."

- S.V.

"Karen Malkin is a complete professional. She is well versed in all aspects of her field from nutrition, to biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, and psychology. She understands how all of these relate to her client and through her professional non-judgemental suggestive approach along with immense knowledge, I was able to achieve impressive results. I would strongly recommend Karen Malkin."

- J.W.