14 Day Transformation Detox Series

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Lose weight and boost metabolism through the elimination of potential toxic triggers such gluten, dairy, and high fructose corn syrup. You will introduce your body to ketosis, new exercise routines, and learn how to make protein, carbs, and fiber your friend.

  • 21 days of e-mail support from Karen essential to learning more about your area of interest
  • Exclusive access to a program specific, private webpage that includes:
    • Transformation guidelines
    • Recipes
    • Shopping lists
    • Educational handouts and tips relevant for your Transformation
    • Prep video
    • Transformation Smoothie instructional video
    • Additional resources
  • Private Facebook page for community support and direct Q&A with Karen

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"For the past few years, I feel like I've taken a backseat to everyone and everything in my life. I dedicated what was left of my energy to myself; but at that point, I was too tired to function and usually opted for a one on one with my pillow.

Once I came to the realization that taking the backseat was neither benefiting my family nor myself, I made a conscious effort to modify my eating and fitness habits. As a vegetarian and avid shopper of organic food products, I definitely had the awareness of healthy eating and sustainable food practices. I think that, over time, I stopped giving thought to what exactly was fueling my body.

Karen provided me with simple fundamentals of nutrient dense eating which have forever changed my life. In addition to never counting calories, she recommends starting the day with protein and fat (the mct variety). The most convenient way for me to get a generous serving of protein, superfoods and fat is by creating amazingly delicious smoothies. I know what you are thinking. Who on earth wants to drink a smoothie in place of a warm breakfast? But let's face it, how many of us really eat breakfast Monday-Friday - a nutrient dense one at that? The smoothies are so incredibly satisfying that I have to remind my self to eat lunch. Also, my sweet tooth cravings have been curbed since some of my smoothies feel like a tall glass of dessert - when in fact, it's an elixir that helps your body become a fuel efficient, metabolizing machine (that's how I feel anyway).

I've only had time to work out 2-3 times per week, but I must be doing something right since everyone I've run into over the summer has noticed a significant change in my physique; that's the cherry on top. Thanks for changing my life Karen :-)"

"Since doing Karen's 14 Day Transformation my joints feel lighter and my knees don't hurt. I'm doing all these moves in yoga that I couldn't do 2 weeks ago. I have so much energy and my stomach is flatter. I feel great!"

"Karen--I'm feeling great! Two weeks on your cleanse... genius ... really! It's an awesome program and I love the daily emails. It really makes you realize how important this is to do, seasonally, for body and mind. I lost 10 pounds and got into my dress that I wore to the Emmy's Monday night! Thanks so much!"

"I wanted to say a quick hello. I have been able to incorporate some of the principals from the 14 Day Transformation cleanse with my everyday habits and the results have been outstanding. First and foremost, I broke my sugar addiction. Soda pop, desserts and even orange juice have been eliminated for the most part.(who would of thunk!) I have dropped a few pants sizes and feel great and motivated to keep going. Thanks for your help."

"I lost nine pounds in 14 days.  I am amazed at how easy this 14 day transformation has been for me. I have no cravings or wants for any of the foods I used to eat.  I used to be a total snacker and now eat three satiating meals.  I love the smoothies and will continue the shakes for breakfast.  Thank you so much!"     -K.M.

"My goal is to lose fifty pounds. I lost six pounds during the 14 Day Transformation and I plan to stay on the cleanse until I reach my target goal. I lost my cravings for junk food and my body finally feels stable and at peace. Fruit is so much more pleasurable now that I gave up sugar. Thank you, Karen!"
- P.D.

"I lost eight pounds in 14 days and my clothes fit great.  I feel stronger when exercising and love how I feel when I drink the shakes for breakfast.  I stopped drinking soda and my husband has become a healthier eater as a result of my new habits.  My blood sugar feels balanced and I have no more sugar cravings."    

"I'm so glad I did the cleanse. I feel better, lost 3 pounds, my stomach feels trimmer and I woke up feeling great each morning. I want to keep doing a modified version of the cleanse as a way of eating long term. I've cut back on caffeine, sugar and alcohol and still enjoy the hot water between meals. The shakes are great and kept me satiated until 1pm. Thanks, Karen!"     - P.B.

"Almost INSTANTLY, I am feeling so much better. My skin is clearing up, I'm feeling more energetic, and overall it has been much easier to make the right choices.”     - S.R.

“Karen's cleanse was truly amazing. She provided terrific details and was with you each and every day providing support and encouragement. Her cleanse is truly nourishing, substantial, healthy eating. It was easy to maintain because Karen provides recipes and suggestions every day. I would highly recommend her cleanse to anyone looking to do something wonderful for your body and mind.”     - A.T. & E.T.

“My top three things I learned from the 14 Day Transformation cleanse with Karen:
1. NO MORE SUGAR HANGOVER! I hope I never go back to the amount of sugar I was eating before. I knew it wasn't good for me but this cleanse showed me how good I feel without it: positive reinforcement rather than just knowledge of how bad it is. I think it is why I don't need the coffee in the morning.
2. Eating before I work out in the morning. I think this, too, helps with late afternoon exhaustion. It also makes it so I am not eating lunch at 2 or 3 PM. I now eat more of my calories earlier in the day.
3. Awareness of what my body needs: mainly slowing down when I eat, enjoying my food, and being in the moment. While I love good food, at times I think I am more of a person that eats to live rather than lives to eat. Sometime I just want to get the meal over with and get on with my day. I need to work on that.
Thank you for all the guidance and the inspirational emails each day.”     - D.K.

“Since working with Karen I feel in total control in so many areas of my life. I eat slower, taste my food, and feel a sense of calm and balance. I want to continue on this path.”     - J.K.

"I feel so great from this cleanse. I’m eating lunch, cooking more, got off sugar and now my husband is on board!"     - D.Z.

“Karen, Just want to thank you for a wonderful week! This program re-invigorated me and has reset my ‘me’ button. I am enjoying everything from the smoothies to the baths. No more afternoon exhaustion for me--have not even missed the coffee! Seriously, it is a great program and I think I will continue with many of the foods and patterns.”     - D

"Karen - I am so happy that I have been doing this cleanse! I have learned alot about my eating and have changed some habits. I have switched my breakfast to either a shake, eggs or oatmeal. I used to always eat a piece of toast. I don't snack and have a salad with some protein for lunch. I think the biggest change is the hot water with lemon which I LOVE now. I think I might have even lost a few pounds, an added bonus, and most importantly, I feel great. Thanks for everything."     -K